Agricultural crops and products that are converted from crops. They are convenient for using in cuisines.
Good quality fresh and dry flours for cooking. They are made from tapioca, rice, arrow root, etc.
2.Tapioca Pearl
Various kinds of Tapioca pearls with selectable sizes, and colors.
3.Bean & Sesame
Many types of good quality beans that contains high protien contents, kept dried in safety packages.
4.Dried Spice
Authentic Thai spices, kept dry in safety packages to save their original piquant spicy tastes.
5.Spice Powder
Thai spices and herbs that are converted to powder for the most convenience in cooking, kept hygienically in safety packs.
Various kinds of concentrate ingredients for cooking, such as tamarind, palm sugar, oil, and so on.
Aromatic essences for cooking that made from fragrance flowers, fresh fruits, and so on. They are giving numerous long lasting scents as alternative selections for delicious menus.

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